Pricing & Policies 

Quarters For 2021-2022

Quarter 1   Tuesday September 7 - Thursday October 28

Quarter 2   Monday November 1 - Thursday January 13

Quarter 3   Monday January 17 - Thursday March 10

Quarter 4   Monday March 14 - Thursday May 12


Each quarter is 8 weeks long

30 minute class   $75 per quarter

45 minute class   $80 per quarter

60 minute class   $85 per quarter

75 minute class   $90 per quarter

Multi-class discounts:

Any combination of classes


2 classes      $5 per quarter


3 classes      $10 per quarter


4 classes      $15 per quarter


5+ classes    $25 per quarter


Registration once per season at enrollment   $12 (non-refundable)

Recital Fee*   $25

Recital Costumes*   $40-$80+ per costume

SDC Costume Fee**   $15 per production


* Participation in Recital is strongly encouraged, but not required

** Sidney Dance Company productions costume rental/dry-cleaning fees


Students/Parents are responsible for purchasing their own dance attire and shoes.


Sharon's School of Dance follows a 


- Our class year is divided into four quarters.

- Missed classes must be made up during the quarter of the missed class and is the responsibility of the student.

- Students must inform their instructor when a class is made up.

- No refunds for missed classes. Refunds may only be given upon receiving a doctor's written recommendation. 

- After 2 consecutive missed classes in any quarter without notification to the office, a student may be removed from the class. 


- The studio will be closed for inclement weather only if Sidney City Schools are closed for weather.

- If classes are cancelled, students/parents will receive notification by 2pm via email and social media.

- If Sidney City Schools close, but the weather has improved by the afternoon, the studio will be open for classes.

- Call the studio at (937) 492-3767 or email for information

Sharon's School of Dance observes the following holidays:

- Thanksgiving/Fall Break - Wednesday prior - Sunday following Thanksgiving

- Christmas/Winter Break - Friday prior to Christmas Day - Monday following New Year's Day

- Thursday prior to Easter Sunday

Watch Weeks:

Each quarter parents and family members of students are invited to watch class(es) during the LAST week of classes for the quarter.

Watch week may look vastly different this year due to Covid. Information will be provided as plans are implemented according to the most current guidelines. Please exercise patience and caution as the situation is fluid and continues to develop. 

Cell Phones, Choreography & Social Media

- No Cell Phones will be allowed in class. 

- Phones must be turned off or silenced (not on vibrate) when they are left in bags in the dressing room/waiting areas.

- Pictures are allowed to be taken only at instructor's discretion or during Watch Weeks.
- Choreography is the intellectual property of the Instructor and may not be copied, reproduced, or used in any way outside of the  studio without the instructor's explicit consent.

- Social media postings that include the studio name, location, or reference to classes, performances, or any other services must  be respectful and avoid use of inappropriate words, images, or context, subject to Studio Director's discretion. 

Class Levels:

Level placement for all classes is determined by Instructors and the Director and is based on many variables, including but not limited to age, maturity level, amount of previous training, and appropriate technique. Questions or concerns should be brought to the attention of the Director. 

Lost and Found:

Sharon's School of Dance is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Due to Covid, Lost & Found will not be maintained this year. Students should be diligent about collecting their personal items before leaving the studio. It's also recommended that students do not bring any extra or unnecessary items to the studio and that all items be contained in one bag.


Sharon's School of Dance  is not responsible for any injuries that may occur during the course of classes, rehearsals or performances. Students/parents must follow all health and safety requirements, including dress code, hair and shoe requirements, and any other health precautions that arise throughout the year.