Quarters For 2017-2018 Season

1st Quarter: Tuesday September 5th - Thursday November 2nd

2nd Quarter: Monday November 6th - Thursday January 18th

3rd Quarter: Monday January 22nd - Thursday March 22nd

4th Quarter: Monday March 26th - Studio Showcase week of May 21st



Our class year is divided into four quarters. Missed classes must be made up during the quarter of the missed class and is the responsibility of the student. Students must inform their instructor when a class is made up. There are no refunds for missed classes, however, refunds may be given upon receiving a doctor's written recommendation only.  If you have missed the first two classes in the quarter without contacting the office, your name will be withdrawn from that class.


Rates per Quarter:

1 hour class = $85.00 

45 minute class= $80.00

30 minute class = $75.00


Multiple Class Discount (if paid by the second week of each quarter):

2 classes = $10.00

3 classes = $15.00

4 classes = $20.00

5 classes = $25.00


Sidney Dance Company Quarterly Fee = $179.00


**There will be a $10.00 non-refundable registration fee**



The studio will be closed for inclement weather only if Sidney City Schools are closed for weather. You may also call the studio at (937)492-3767 for any changes in this policy.


There will be no classes on the following dates:

  • Thursday November 23rd - Sunday November 26th (Thanksgiving Break)

  • Friday December 22nd - Sunday January 7th (Holiday Break)


Parents Week:

Parents and Guardians are invited to observe their child's class during the 3rd full week (Monday-Friday) of each quarter to see their progress! This is watch week and a time for the students' parents and families to come and watch. 


Cell Phones, Choreography & Social Media

No Cell Phones will be allowed in class.  Phones also need to be turned off or silenced (Not on vibrate) when they are left in bags in the dressing room/waiting areas. The only times pictures are allowed to be taken during class is Watch Week. 
Please rember that the choreography is the Intelectual Property of the Instructor.

Class Placing:

It is at the instructor's discretion where your child will be placed each quarter for class. Advancements in all classes will be made as maturity and technique develops, and also as the instructors see fit. 


Lost and Found:

Sharon's School of Dance is not responsible for lost or stolen items, however, we do have a lost and found at the studio that dancers may look through with a parent/guardian present for lost item(s). 



Sharon's School of Dance does everything they can to assure the safety of the dancers, but will not be held responsible for any injuries that may occur. 


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