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Class Offerings and Descriptions

Pre-Ballet (30 minutes) 

Ages 3-5 (must be toilet-trained and out of diapers)

Emphasis on creative movement and basic ballet positions and technique




Ballet II (60 minutes)

Ages 8-11

Prerequisite: Ballet I

Continuing advancement of ballet technique with full class structure, emphasis on retaining information, learning new steps, and building on foundations learned in Ballet I





Pre-Pointe/Beginning Pointe (30 minutes)

Ages 10-18

Prerequisite: Ballet III and Director's approval

Emphasis on building strength, stability, and alignment through the feet, ankles, legs, and core to support pointe work




Tap II (45 minutes)

Ages 8-11

Prerequisite: Tap I

Intermediate level understanding of tap technique and steps with emphasis on rhythmic patterns, weight-bearing and shifting, progressive movement sequences, and musicality



Jazz I (60 minutes)
Ages 7-9

Prerequisites: Pre-Ballet, Ballet I

Beginning jazz technique with full class structure including stretching, strengthening, and basic jazz progressions




Musical Theater (60 minutes)
Ages 8-18

Vocal, dance, and acting instruction combined with emphasis on performance quality, stage presence, and learning Broadway style musical numbers



Hip Hop (60 minutes)
Ages 6-18

Beginning hip hop technique focused on building strength and stamina while breaking down popular, street-style movement with an emphasis on rhythm and musicality




Acro II (45 minutes)

Ages 9-13

Prerequisite: Acro I

Continuing strength, flexibility, and body awareness and alignment, progressing to intermediate skills such as bridges, hand stands, round-offs, kick-overs, one-leg cartwheels, and shoulder stands

Beginning Tap (30 minutes)

Ages 3-5 (must be toilet-trained and out of diapers)

Emphasis on learning patterns, rhythm and musicality



Ballet I (45 or 60 minutes)

Ages 6-8

Prerequisite: Pre-Ballet

Beginning ballet technique with emphasis on structure, focus, and active listening




Ballet III (75 minutes)

Ages 9-18

Prerequisite: Ballet II

Intermediate to advanced level understanding of ballet technique with continued emphasis on self-correction, progressive center and phrase work, and introduction/integration of presence and style within the material 




Tap I (45 minutes)

Ages 5-7

Prerequisite: Beginning Tap

Beginning tap technique and steps with focus on various parts of the feet and basic understanding of weight bearing and shifting




Tap III (45 minutes)

Ages 10-18

Prerequisite: Tap II

Intermediate to advanced level understanding of tap technique, steps, and movement sequences, with emphasis on style and progressive rhythmic patterns



Jazz II (60 minutes)
Ages 9-12

Prerequisites: Jazz I

Intermediate level understanding of jazz technique with emphasis on learning new steps/skills, technique integration, and building more advanced movement sequences



Contemporary (60 minutes)
Ages 8-18

Prerequisite: Ballet II

Beginning contemporary technique with emphasis on body alignment, movement initiation, and basic improvisation techniques 



Acro I (45 minutes)

Ages 5-8

Prerequisite: Pre-Ballet, Ballet I

Emphasis on building strength, stamina, and flexibility while learning basic acrobatic skills such as head stands, hand stands, rolls, bridges, and cartwheels



Acro III (45 minutes)

Ages 10-18

Prerequisite: Acro II

Strength, flexibility, and body conditioning, progressing to intermediate-advanced skills such as chest stands, hand stands, limbers, walk-overs, tinsicas, and one-hand cartwheels and incorporating acrobatic skills into choreography 

Age ranges and prerequisites are general recommendations and exceptions may be made with Director approval

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