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  • If a student is unable to attend class for any reason, please call or email the studio office before the scheduled class time

  • Missed classes may be made up during the same quarter as the missed class

  • Students must inform the office when a class is made up

  • Students should make up classes in the same style and level as the missed class

  • If an alternate class is not available, please speak with the office manager to confirm which classes are available for make-up

  • Refunds are not given for missed classes except in cases of serious/long-term illness or injury, and a Doctor’s note is requested

  • After 3 consecutive missed classes in any quarter without notification to the office, a student will be removed from the class

  • Please notify the studio office if a student decides to no longer take class, as this opens the spot for another dancer

  • Students who miss the first two classes of the quarter without notifying the office will be withdrawn from the class

  • Students are automatically enrolled in the next quarter unless the office is notified of intent to discontinue classes

Closings & Holidays:

  • In case of dangerous or inclement weather, the studio MAY cancel classes, depending on severity

  • Families will be notified by 2pm through email and social media if classes are canceled

  • If no email or social media post has been sent by 2pm, assume classes will run normally

  • Call (937) 492-3767 or email for information

The following breaks are observed for holidays and SDC production weeks:

Fall Break (Thanksgiving)

November 22 – November 25

(Wednesday - Saturday)

SDC Winter Show

November 27 – December 2

(Monday - Saturday)

Winter Break (Christmas/New Year)

December 18 – January 2

(Monday - Tuesday)


SDC Spring Show

February 26 – March 2

(Monday - Saturday)

Spring Break (Easter)

March 28-30 


Class Levels:

  • Level placement for all classes is determined by Instructors and the Director

  • Placement is based on many factors, including but not limited to:

    • age

    • maturity level

    • amount of previous training

    • appropriate technique

  • Questions or concerns should be brought to the attention of the Director

Dress Code:

  • Sharon's School of Dance follows a dress code for all classes

  • The dress code allows instructors to accurately assess students' body placement and alignment for proper technique and safety

  • Students are less distracted and less competitive with other students when they all wear the same attire

  • Proper dance clothing and shoes are important for students' safety and ability to execute dance steps and choreography

  • Hair for ballet, pre pointe, and pointe classes should be in a bun, if possible

  • Hair for all other classes should be in a braid or ponytail and always pulled back from the face

  • Warm up or baggy/bulky clothing may only be worn for the first 3 barre exercises in ballet, or during warm up in all other classes

  • No jewelry except small stud earrings may be worn in class

Watch Weeks:

  • Parents and family members of students are invited to watch class(es) during the LAST week of each quarter

  • Parents and family members are encouraged to attend Watch Weeks to observe students' progress

  • Pictures and videos may be taken during Watch Week classes 

  • Watch Week will NOT take place during the last week of 4th quarter due to Recital performances

  • Parents are not permitted to sit in the dance studio during regular classes as it is distracting to the students

  • Parents and family members may utilize the studio lounge and hallway seating during classes

Cell Phones, Choreography, & Social Media

  • Cell phones are NOT allowed in the classroom 

  • Phones must be turned off or silenced and must be left in bags in the dressing room or waiting areas

  • Pictures and videos may be taken ONLY with instructor's approval and during Watch Weeks

  • Choreography is the intellectual property of the Instructor and may not be copied, reproduced, or used in any way outside of the  studio without the instructor's explicit consent

  • Social media posts that include the studio name, location, or reference to classes, performances, or any other services must  be respectful and avoid use of inappropriate words, images, or context, subject to Studio Director's approval

Lost and Found:

  • Sharon's School of Dance is not responsible for lost or stolen property

  • Students and visitors should take precautions and are advised not to bring valuables into the studio

  • A lost and found bin is located in the studio lounge and will be emptied of all unclaimed items at the end of each quarter


  • Sharon's School of Dance  is not responsible for injuries sustained during classes, rehearsals or performances

  • Students & parents must follow all health and safety requirements, including dress code, hair and shoe requirements and any other health precautions that may arise throughout the year

  • Serious or long-term injury will require a Doctor’s approval to return to class

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