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"I orginally joined the Sidney Dance Company solely to perform on stage more often. However, after seven full years of being in the company, I have learned that it means so much more than performing on stage. I have learned how to dance to the fullest of my ability, how to properly treat others with respect, and what I want to do with my future. But most importantly, I have learned that the bonds I have made with my peers and teachers will never break. I want to thank all of my teachers for constantly pushing me and spending so much of their time making me a better dancer, singer, actor, and overal better person. I have also made some of the best friends a girl could make, and I will never forget the memories we've made. I am so very proud to say I am and was a member of the Sidney Dance Company


Laney Shaw, Sharon's School of Dance and SDC Alumna


“Our daughter’s interest in dance all started at Sharon’s School of Dance in the second grade. Sharon Eikenberry has a wonderful program teaching the obvious skills in dance: ballet, jazz, modern, tap and pointe. She not only teachers the proper dance skills, but guides these students in devotion to the arts, and gives them confidence to succeed. Because Sharon recognizes talent, she demands the work that it takes to perfect the skill (commitment, responsibility and accountability).

Sharon, as the director, and the Sidney Dance Company (SDC) board also, provides an opportunity to those who may not have the financial ability to pay for dace classes. Scholarships are available through the SDC if the funds are received from donations. At a certain age, students have an option to audition for the SDC, which is a non-profit organization. Having majored in dance and kinesiology at Indiana University, and now, transitioning to Chicago to pursue a career in dance, I am appreciative for all the support of Sharon’s School of Dance, the Sidney Dance Company, and the community who help to make her dreams possible. “

Penny Fahnestock, mother of Sharon’s School of Dance and SDC Alumna Kim Fahnestock



"What the Sidney Dance Company means to me is so much more than a few words on paper. I was in the Sidney Dance Company for eight years. I have grown up with SDC and all of its members. For me, dance is my life. The Company is special because it teaches more than just coming to regular dance classes. SDC teaches us to be responsible for everything we do and to work hard to improve. I believe that one of the best things about the Sidney Dance Company is how supportive we all are of each other. I know that the Company has been a great support system when I needed it. Dance has been what I use to get me through the hard times and also, what makes the good times. That is what the Sidney Dance Company is about to me."


Cayla Roberts, Sharon's School of Dance and SDC Alumna




“The reason that I dance with Sidney Dance Company is because I always feel welcomed. I always looked up to the older dancers and now I hope the younger dancers can look up to me. Sidney Dance Company is like my second family. I have been dancing here for 12 years. I have performed nine of the SDC shows and five of Sharon’s School of Dance recitals. Dancing is an important part of my life because it teaches me responsibility, discipline, kindness and also keeps me in shape. I hope that I can keep on dancing through college and maybe even teach dance someday!”


Olivia King, Sharon's School of Dance and SDC Alumna




"In my five full years with the Sidney Dance Company I have learned much more than how to do a pirouette. We all know Sharon's number one rule very well: Respect others even if you aren't best friends. This has been a valuable lesson to me. Respect has been my motivation to work hard in class. In order to show off everyone skills and performance, you must try to get along even when you want to argue. I thank the Sidney Dance Company for teaching me about respect because it has also yielded me patience, understanding and empathy not only on Thursday nights but throughout my whole life."

Elizabeth McDevitt, Sharon's School of Dance and SDC Alumna




"The Sidney Dance Company means so much to me. I could be in the worst mood, go to dance, and leave with a big smile on my face. When I was in a show and got on that stage, I felt as if nothing could touch me. I'm so glad I had the opportunity to be a part that. I have also gotten some of the most wonderful comments on Sidney Dance Company performances. I had people contantly asking when the next show was or what show we are working on. That made me feel great when people were looking forward to seeing all of us perform for them. It also made me realize how much people care about the arts. Members of the Sidney Dance Company are so close to each other, it's almost like we are family. We help each other physically and mentally. We help each other through the good times and also the bad times. I would like to say thank you for all that the Sidney Dance Company has done for me. If I wasn't a part of this I don't know where I'd be!"

Millie Cartwright, Sharon's School of Dance and SDC Alumna




"I have grown up at Sharon's School of Dance. Seeing shows go up and down for years while my mother helped backstage, I always marveled at the time and dedication required from the performers and crewmembers to put a show together for just one weekend. The dedication and self-discipline that I have not only seen but learned through my years in the Sidney Dance Company have given me a sense of pride that can only be gained through hard work. I know that in order to achieve even the simplest of goals like perfecting one 8 count, you must work for hours and hours, even then not being completely perfect. I have experienced so many life lessons with my fellow company members, and have grown up with them performing by their side for years.  I urge you to consider the many years of dedication that members and both Company I and Company II have displayed and the importance of this ongoing tradition in our community, and support the arts in Shebly County by attending a SDC show!"


Mandy Milligan, Sharon's School of Dance and SDC Alumna


"I am blessed to be an alumni of Sharon's School of Dance and Sidney Dance Company. I have been blessed to be a guest teacher at times and each time I share with the dancers how very lucky they are to have a high quality studio to train in. For many years before I found Sharon, I was trained incorrectly. Sharon took the time to retrain me and prepare me for a professional career in dance. She not only focused on the physical, but the mental and practical sides of life in general. My heart is overwhelmed with thankfulness for Sharon and all she's done for our community!"

 Melissa Wilson, Sharon's School of Dance and SDC Alumna


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